A total of two hundred forty-one (241) infrastructure projects will be funded by the Bangsamoro Budget through the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) next year. With a total funding of 4.09 billion pesos, the Ministry will spearhead the implementation of these projects, which are expected to contribute in boosting local economic growth and service delivery.

Of the total budget of the MPW, 83% or 3.39 billion pesos is appropriated for infrastructure outlay. This fund corresponds to the public works that will be implemented across the region. These projects are distributed into nine (9) districts covering all of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region (BARMM) territories. By recipient local government unit (LGU), the appropriations will cover the 63 barangays in North Cotabato with 1.01B, Maguindanao with 735.12M, Lanao del Sur with 591M, Sulu with 488.5M, Tawi-Tawi with 306.5M, and Basilan with 260M. 

These projects are comprised mostly of road networks (158 projects), footbridges (32), water supply systems (17), bridges (9), drainage system and flood control (9), sea/lake/river walls or protection (7), ports (2), and others like box culvert, causeways, and canals (7). Put into actual amounts, this means that 2.66B is appropriated for road projects, 184M for bridges, 170.5M for water supply systems and tanks, 169M for footbridges, and 84M for drainage system and flood control. 

Lanao del Sur gets the highest appropriations for road, water systems, drainage and flood control, and lake walls/protection projects; Maguindanao for bridges construction projects; Tawi-Tawi for footbridges; and Sulu for ports and other infra projects. These projects particularly aim to improve the access of the Bangsamoro people to basic services. 

Aside from this list of public works, the Office of the Chief Minister (OCM) also allocated some of its capital outlay budget to Marawi rehabilitation amounting 500M. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Agrarian Reform (MAFAR) has been appropriated with 44.2M for for agriculture and fishery machinery, equipment, facilities and infra programs. Under the Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education (MBHTE), school buildings will likewise be constructed with its budget for buildings and other structures outlay at 36.15M. THe budget will also fund the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affair (MAPA)’s program to construct tribal halls and tenines for our indigenous communities as well as the housing project to be implemented by the Ministry of Human Settlement and Development (MHSD). 

This is the third of a four-part series that expounds on the FY2020 Bangsamoro Budget in line with the Office of the Minority Leader’s aim of promoting government transparency, and participation among all Bangsamoro stakeholders. For data requests, questions, or comments on this series, contact us through this link.