Today, we join workers around the world in commemorating this year’s Labor Day. As we face a public health crisis brought about by Covid-19, we honor those who heal the sick, feed the hungry, and answer the calls of our brothers and sisters in need.

We remember our daily wage laborers who have lost jobs and opportunities to this pandemic, our farmers and fisherfolk whose work brings food on our tables, and our migrant workers — those who continue to work abroad or have made the difficult decision to come home.

We uplift the women who make up more than half of the global healthcare workforce, whose hands have brought healing and survival for so many people around the world. We honor the women who continue to work at home and from home; and the women who organize in response to their communities’ needs.

Every workers’ safety and dignity must be assured every day, with or without a health crisis. On this year’s Labor Day, let us renew our commitment to end exploitation and abuse, ensure fair and just wages, and enforce laws that secure the rights of all.