Deliberations on the Cabinet Bill No.60 or the proposed Bangsamoro Administrative Code (BAC) are expected to begin as the Bangsamoro Parliament is set to convene a special session this week on October 27-29. The proposed BAC recently passed at the Committee level after amendments from the Technical Working Group have been considered and integrated into the proposed legislation.

First among the Bangsamoro Transition Authority’s functions and priorities mandated by the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) is the enactment of key laws, which include the BAC. The final version of the said law, following interpellation and amendments during the special session, will set the foundation on which the regional government will stand following the period of transition.

The BAC is an essential piece of legislation that will guide the executive and legislative branches of the regional government as it interacts with other government units, including the national government, and as it responds to the needs of the Bangsamoro people. The outcome of this week’s special session is expected to affect the passage of other priority legislation, consistent with powers and prerogatives vested in the Bangsamoro Government by the BOL.