A network of civil society organizations turned-over its unified agenda to key officials of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority on November 26, Thursday. Kaakbay Bangsamoro Working Group (Kaakbay), a small network of nine civil society organizations, put forward major policy action proposals for the consideration of the BTA, the national government, and the peace mechanisms.

In a message she delivered during the event, Minority Floor Leader Laisa Alamia acknowledged “the power that civil society holds in shaping public policies” especially when “civil society organizations come together and agree on a unified agenda, built by their shared visions and goals for society.”

MP Alamia adds, “the transition is not merely a government project, it is a point of convergence for civil society and government who have a long-standing history of working together in the region.” She highlights the Inclusion of transitional justice and internal displacement policies in the agenda submitted by Kaakbay — issues that she describes as close to her heart and for which she has submitted bills to the Bangsamoro Parliament.