Amounting to 75.6B, the Bangsamoro Expenditure Program for Fiscal Year 2021 was referred to the Committee on Finance, Budget and Management on November 26, Thursday. The proposed budget is higher than the 2020 budget by about 10B, as the regional government tackles new challenges brought about by the “new normal.”

About one-third of next year’s budget is allocated to the Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education (23.4B) while 15B is allocated to the Ministry of Public Works. 

Out of the 5B allocated to the Ministry of Health (MOH),  about 380M is appropriated for the implementation of a COVID Response Plan in the region while 1B is directed towards the Tiyakap Bangsamoro Kalusugan Program. The said program covers the construction and operational costs of Barangay Health Units and Rural Health Units, as well as the expansion and major repairs of MOH-supervised hospitals in the region.

The said budget was drafted in recognition of “the urgent need for recovery in various aspects of the people’s lives after the crisis brought about by the pandemic.” It has also been filed in the Bangsamoro Parliament, where budget deliberations are set to begin.

The regional government has also committed to continue working towards realizing the 12-point Priority Agenda of the Chief Minister, which was laid out in the 1st Bangsamoro Development Plan 2020-2022. 

You may access a copy of the Bangsamoro Expenditure Program below: