The total proposed budget for the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs (MIPA) for 2021 is P105.244M, with a slight increase from the 2020 budget amounting to P5.6-million. With a decrease in allocations for some support items, the budget for Operations increased by P12.06M, making it 38.58% higher than this year’s allocation. However, programs listed under the Operations budget of the Ministry have all been changed.

In the 2020 BAA, MIPA’s programs under Operations consist of (1) Security/Protection and Peacebuilding, (2) Cultural Development and Preservation, and (3) Social Services/Health/Education and Other Support Assistance — none of which were carried over in the proposed budget for 2021. These were replaced by four new programs, namely (1) Land Tenure Security and Ancestral Domain, (2) Conflict Management and Legal Mechanism Program, (3) Promotion of Indigenous People’s Customs and Affairs, and (4) Indigenous People’s Development Initiatives.

Under the 2020 BAA, the ministry set its target at 90% in its assessment of Fusaka Inged/Ancestral Domain of ICC/IPs. However, the target this year remains unchanged at 90%, indicating little to no progress in terms of land survey. 

A thorough needs assessment regarding Covid-19’s impact on IPs/ICCs is necessary for the regional government to respond accordingly, and the ministry’s assistance is essential in getting data across the region. MIPA’s allocation for Medical Assistance Initiatives must also consider the impact of Covid-19, while accounting for the possible need for livelihood support given limiting effects of health and quarantine protocols.

This series of infographics is the eleventh installment of the #BARMMBudgetWatch initiative of the Office of the Minority Floor Leader.