The Bangsamoro region was established through our people’s assertion of human rights, foremost our right to self-determination. The success of the ongoing political transition is hinged on the constant recognition of our struggle for human rights, and our continuous effort to promote transitional justice and reconciliation in the region.

While we pursue the path of peace that our ancestors laid out for us, we are bound to encounter unforeseen challenges that compound our generational struggles. The Bangsamoro continues to bear the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic as it affects not only public health, but also the education and livelihood of our people. This, alongside our ongoing efforts against climate change, violent extremism, and deeply-ingrained prejudice and discrimination currently defines our people’s lived reality. 

As the Office of the Minority Floor Leader takes part in this year’s National Human Rights Consciousness Week, we honor our people’s history and commit to uphold the legacy of the Bangsamoro. This year’s theme, โ€œKarapatan at Pagbangon sa Lahat ng Panahon: Recover Better โ€“ Stand Up for Human Rights,โ€ is especially true for the Bangsamoro people whose efforts to uphold human rights span centuries. 

The Bangsamoro Government, with its mandate as primary duty bearers when it comes to human rights, will continue to push for policies and programs that protect and fulfill the people’s right to health and right to life. Together with civil society and the diverse communities that make up the Bangsamoro, we will continue to build a future where peace and justice define our collective experience.