On March 22, the Philippine Business for Social Progress’ Tatak Pilipina: Filipinas Igniting Social Progress Lecture Series will feature Minority Floor Leader Atty. Laisa Masuhud Alamia as she talks about her experiences cutting across different sectors, all in service of the Bangsamoro people.

MP Alamia has always been consistent in pursuing a human rights advocacy, and this defined her years in both the regional government and civil society. During her stint in the now defunct Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, she served executive functions as the first and only woman to have held the post of regional executive secretary. She was also the first chairperson of the Regional Human Rights Commission, a position she held as she continued to work on human rights lawyering.

She is currently part of the Bangsamoro regional government as the minority floor leader in the Bangsamoro Transition Authority Parliament.

For Monday’s lecture, she will share her experiences as a public servant who has worked in both the executive and legislative branches of the regional government, and how public servants can benefit from strong relationships and engagements with civil society, especially in the context of a political transition. She will also share the challenges she faced as a Muslim woman pursuing her career in public service, and how women can uplift and make space for each other in government and other sectors of society.