The story of Eid’l Adha is a story that tells us of a faith strong enough to surrender what we hold most dear, and steadfast enough to submit to a wisdom that is beyond our comprehension.

With this faith in Allah — one that we live up to as we follow the example of Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam — comes honor in times of triumph and humility in moments of grief and loss. It is this same faith that uplifts us as we surrender to the will of Allah in an act of devotion and worship, especially in the midst of an unforeseen global pandemic. It does not hesitate when faced with a difficult choice, nor is it weakened by the trials we face in this world.

This is the kind of faith that breathes life into the ummah – one that does not submit to any power or circumstance apart from Allah and the qadr He has laid out for us. It does not flinch in the face of transgression nor oppression; rather it persists to honor Allah and His command.

As we celebrate the Eid this year, may we remember that with our hardship comes ease and with every difficulty comes relief. May Allah look upon our strengths and grant us the promise of His favor, and may He look upon our weaknesses and grant us His divine forgiveness. May Allah accept our faithful sacrifice as we continue to worship in submission to His wisdom and grace.

Eid’l Adha Mubarak!