Teachers are often referred to as the second parents of the youth and, in the midst of a global pandemic, teachers continue to provide the necessary support and encouragement that the youth needs to visualize the future ahead. As frontliners in this pandemic, teachers face many challenges as they exert every effort to ensure that education remains timely and relevant for students across the country.

This year’s theme for World Teachers Day emphasizes the important role of teachers as partners and stakeholders during the ongoing pandemic. “Gurong Pilipino: Katuwang sa Hamon, Kasama sa Pagbangon,” acknowledges the contribution of every teacher in ensuring a post-Covid future where the youth can realize their dreams and aspirations while also taking an active role in community rebuilding and recovery.

Faced with the challenges that come with distance learning, teachers have gone above and beyond their calling but learning new skills, implementing new methodologies, and embracing new tools in order to adapt to changes in circumstances surrounding learning and education. The regional government has also extended its assistance to make sure that both teachers and students have the necessary tools in affirming their right to quality and accessible education, through alternative education programs and distance learning opportunities.

We are grateful to our teachers who have taken an active role in building a Bangsamoro region where the youth can pursue their dreams and aspirations, as we continue the fight for a Covid-free Philippines. Let us continue to support our teachers and uplift them in these difficult times by implementing programs and policies necessary to improve their working conditions, as we continue our ongoing efforts in battling Covid-19 and building a better future for all. #WorldTeachersDay