The People Power Revolution was a moment of courage and principle against a government that has become corrupt under a dictator that has turned against the people to which public office is owed. Together, the Filipino people brought down a bloody regime that has stolen millions and killed thousands – especially in the Bangsamoro.

Through a peaceful uprising, we demanded justice for those who lost their lives fighting for justice, and accountability for a betrayal of public trust. The history that the People Power Revolution carries is one that extends beyond the 54-kilometer road known as EDSA, and its lessons on democracy and freedom are lessons we must teach to future generations as well.

We have won significant gains following People Power – including a Constitution that outlines our basic human rights, and was drafted with the weight of human rights violations under a brutal dictatorship. However, our collective struggle against oppression and marginalization continues to this day. As we continue to work towards a future of equal rights and freedoms for all, we must also continue to heed the lessons of our past as we work towards securing just and lasting peace today.

We must never forget our people’s sacrifices in fighting for our right to self-determination, and to safeguard our hard-won autonomy as we say never again to the dark days of the dictatorship. May we always honor our people’s struggle for democracy, and live up to the enduring legacy of the People Power Revolution.