As the moon reveals itself in the coming of the Eid, the truths of our faith are likewise revealed to us as we end our month of fasting and prayer. We are reminded of the sustenance that Allah provides in our time of want, and of the strength he extends to us in our time of weakness. We are reminded of our own humanity as we experience the divine providence of Allah, and we embrace our absolute faith in him and his grace.

Every year, we observe the fast as an affirmation of the faith we nourish with our friends and family, and as an act of collective surrender to the same faith that we share with the rest of the ummah. Together, we defy distance and share in a meal that marks the break of our daily fast.

Here in the Bangsamoro, we carry our peoples’ struggle as our inheritance. In the face of hunger and thirst, we have learned to rely on each other and the generosity we have nurtured across generations. It is this spirit of charity and goodwill that has kept the hope of our people alive, as we fulfill the promise of peace and justice for the Bangsamoro’s future.

As we celebrate the end of Ramadan, may we always be reminded of the ways we share both struggle and relief as we go through life in this world. Our fates are bound together by the ways we live our faith, and may we always be patient with one another as we try to live up to the promise of the Eid.

Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum. Eid Mubarak!