Every year, on May 21, member states of the United Nations celebrate the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. This global observance places an emphasis on the diversity of cultures and the importance of intercultural dialogue and exchange in ensuring peace and sustainable development.

Here in the Bangsamoro, we are witnesses to the many ways solidarity can be built upon diversity. We know firsthand how embracing our peoples’ differences can pave the way to meaningful growth and development, as we make room for respect for each other in every policy and program of the regional government. We are a living testimony to the importance of genuine understanding among varied cultures and traditions in building peace and a better future for our people. 

Our peoples’ own struggle is anchored on the importance of respect and understanding, as we assert our right to self-determination. Only in a world where there is room for dialogue and diversity can the Bangsamoro fulfill its promise, and only in a society where everyone enjoys equal rights can the Bangsamoro harness its potential to the fullest.  As we commemorate this year’s World Day for Cultural Diversity, may we continue to break down the walls of discrimination and prejudice that divide us, as we continue our journey along the path of just and lasting peace.