With a vote of 55 to zero, the Bangsamoro Parliament unanimously passed BTA Parliament Bill No. 53 or An Act Creating the Bangsamoro Sustainable Development Board in the third and final reading yesterday, June 24, after it was certified as urgent by the chief minister on June 22.

The said measure is authored by MP Abdulraof Macacua and co–authored by Minority Floor Leader MP Atty.Laisa Alamia together with more than half of the Bangsmaoro Parliament, indicating strong support for the measure.

BTA Parliament Bill No. 53 reached the second reading on August 25 of last year.

The Bangsamoro Development Board will be composed of representatives from both the national and the regional government to “ensure the integration and harmonization of economic, social, and environmental considerations as vital dimensions of sustainable development policy and practice in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region,” a point that MP Macacua emphasized as he expressed his gratitude for the support to the said bill.

One of the key features of the measure is the inclusion of a non-government organizations (NGO) representative in the Bangsamoro Sustainable Development Board, elected from among the nominees submitted by recognized NGOs, with the assistance of the regional government. This highlights the inclusive and representative governance that MP Alamia advocates for in the regional government, given her years of experience as part of civil society.