Secure in his faith and relationship with Allah, the example Prophet Ibrahim (عليه السلام) set when he surrendered his son Prophet Ishmael (عليه السلام) as a sacrifice guides us in our practice of Islam. Faith is both a personal and communal experience that defines the way we live our lives and the way we share our lives with others. It finds meaning and relevance in the long history of Allah’s providence and mercy that we share with Muslims around the world—one that we all collectively share as part of the ummah.

Today, as we celebrate the Eid, may we also honor the blessed  inheritance we share as Muslims — a steadfast promise that the sacrifices we make in service of our faith will never be in vain. The story of Prophet Ibrahim’s (عليه السلام) submission to and Prophet Ishmael’s (عليه السلام) affirmation of Allah’s divine will is one we must constantly strive to live up to. As we fulfill the qadr that has been laid out for us, may we find confidence in the knowledge that there is no pain too deep and no suffering too great that can keep us from the relief and comfort that is assured by our faith in Allah. 

Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum. Eid’l Adha Mubarak!