Legislation is the government’s expression of hope for the people. Minority Floor Leader MP Atty. Laisa Masuhud Alamia, together with her fellow members of Parliament, has always had high hopes for the Bangsamoro people. 

These hopes can be seen in the bills filed and co-authored by MP Alamia throughout her three years in the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) Parliament.

Gender equality, transitional justice, and economic development are just some of the legislative themes that MP Alamia has worked on, not only as a member of parliament, but also as an advocate for the Bangsamoro people across different sectors and levels of government.

Among the landmark bills MP Alamia filed in the BTA Parliament is a suite of transitional justice bills, with five bills that highlight key elements of TJR, namely the people’s right to know, right to justice, right to reparations and the guarantee of non-recurrence.

In a speech she delivered to parliament members regarding the five bills, MP Alamia said that “all of us who stand here as members of the parliament owe this honor and privilege to the Bangsamoro revolutionaries and their communities that sustained our peoples’ movement in defense of our right to self-determination.”

It is this sense of gratitude and indebtedness to the Bangsamoro people that has inspired MP Alamia and defined her work as a legislator who advocates for just and lasting peace in the region. This publication is yet another expression of that same sense of gratitude and indebtedness as she, together with the Bangsamoro people, looks forward to a better future for the region.

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