In a meeting with the leadership of of the Independent Decommissioning Body (IDB), Task Force for Decommissioned Combatants and their Communities (TFDCC) Co-Chair Laisa Alamia reiterated her appreciation for the IDB’s support as former combatants of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) transition to a productive life as civilians, in behalf of the government.

TFDCC Co-Chair Alamia also noted how the IDB has been instrumental in facilitating measures necessary for MILF combatants to adapt in the current political transition, being supportive not just in the decommissioning process, but in the entire GPH-MILF Peace Process as well.

Present in the meeting were Turkish Ambassador to the Philippines and Chairman of the Independent Decommissioning Body (IDB) Ahmet Idem Akay, IDB Vice Chairman William Hovland, IDB Board Member from Brunei Haji Azlan bin Haji Abdul Ghani, and IDB Chief-of-Staff Kevin Llewelly, assisted by TFDCC Secretariat and Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace, Reconciliation and Unity (OPAPRU) Program Officer Leigh Halud.

IDB Chair Akay, in turn, expressed his gratitude to the TFDCC for their strong commitment as a partner in the decommissioning process. He commended the task force’s hard work in fulfillment of its mandate, including its continuous efforts in implementing socioeconomic programs for the decommissioned combatants.The chairs also discussed future prospects, given the current progress of the decommissioning process as it resumes its third phase.