Over three hundred thousand live in internal displacement, with more than 80% of displacement in Mindanao have taken place in areas within the BARMM. This, along with the persistent problem of poverty compounding the problem of displacement in the region, means it is imperative to pass legislation that secures and fulfills the right of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

The Bangsamoro Parliament’s Minority Floor Leader, Atty. Laisa Masuhud Alamia, has filed a bill that protects the rights of IDPs of the region. The measure seeks to protect those who are vulnerable to recurrent disasters, violence, or armed conflict while providing additional protection for those with socioeconomic vulnerabilities.

Displacement has effects that are felt not only during and after its occurrence, but also during the often difficult process of return, local integration, or resettlement. Given its mandate, the Bangsamoro Government must and provide an immediate response to the needs of IDPs who continue to face serious vulnerabilities in the region. The bill also highlights and responds to the need to institutionalize mechanisms that will systematically address the specific needs of IDPs, while reducing the risks and possibility of future displacements.