During the last week of Ramadhan, more than 200 Ramadhan packages were distributed by the Office of MP Atty.Laisa Masuhud Alamia to decommissioned combatants based in the municipality of Hadji Mohammad Ajul, located at the western coast of Basilan Island, and in Lamitan City.

In Camp Abu Muthana, 37 Ramadhan packages were distributed on May 11 with the assistance of Brigade Commander Arasad Addala. He expressed his gratitude to MP Atty. Laisa Alamia for reaching out and sending assistance to their community in Hadji Mohammad Ajul municipality, located in Sitio Marang Marang, Barangay Tuburan.

The following day, 185 Ramadhan packages were turned over to Hji. Dan Asnawie, Base Commander of 114 Base command located in Lamitan City. These packages were then distributed to decommissioned combatants located across the province of Basilan.

Each Ramadhan Package has five kilos of rice, one kilo of sugar, one pack of native coffee, and a selection of assorted vegetables sourced from local farmers. The beneficiaries especially appreciated the vegetables, with one of them saying that it would pair well with their usual dishes featuring the native chicken.

MP Alamia has been a consistent advocate of the rights and welfare of decommissioned combatants since the start of her term in the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) Parliament. Part of this advocacy is her proposal to create a pension program for ex-combatants and veterans in the Bangsamoro in recognition of their contributions to the achievement of regional autonomy. Such proposal will form part of the transitional justice legislative package she is planning to introduce this June, upon the resumption of the regular session of the Parliament.

Throughout the ongoing political transition, MP Alamia has highlighted the need to address land dispossession and the need for security sector reforms alongside the process of decommissioning, collaborative approach to transitional justice is crucial in restoring faith and confidence among the region’s diverse communities, and enhancing social cohesion in the Bangsamoro region.