Resuming the session, Majority Floor Leader MP Atty. Lanang Ali, Jr. further moved to continue interpolation on filed BTA Parliament Bill No. 5 titled, “An Act Creating the Office of the Bangsamoro Director – General for Madaris Education in the Ministry of Education and to Strengthen and Institutionalize Madaris Education and Appropriating Funds Therefor and For Other Purposes”.

The interpellation highlighted the shared intention of the members to improve the Madaris Education. The proponents believe that said bill will secure the funds for Madaris Education, thereby allowing Madaris teachers to receive dignified salaries on time. It is also claimed that passing this bill into law would also produce God-conscious citizens who will become the foundation of moral governance in the region. 

To enforce parliamentary procedures, Minority Floor Leader MP Atty. Laisa Masuhud Alamia raised a Point of Order to state that the debate should be confined to the general principles of the bill. The bill is on its Second Reading and it is in this stage of legislation that any member may question the proponents based on this parameter. 

MP Mohagher Iqbal, Minister of Basic, Higher and Technical Education, made expressed the Cabinet’s intention to draft a Bangsamoro Education Code which will include the Madaris Education system. Majority Leader Ali, Jr. then moved for the termination of the interpolation and to refer the bill to the Committee on Education chaired by MP Iqbal. Having been duly seconded, Presiding Officer MP Atty. Jose Lorena approved both motions. 

Next in the agenda is BTA Parliament Bill No. 10, “An Act Creating an Office for the Settler Communities Implementing for the Purpose Article IX, Section 15 of Republic Act 11054 Also Known as the Organic Law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao on Basic Rights for Settler Communities”. Proponent MP Susana Anayatin  gave her Sponsorship Speech delving on the relevant clauses of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (RA 11054) providing for the creation of the said office. After a brief interpolation, MP Lorena approved the motion to refer the bill to the Committee on Rules for further deliberations.

Also on its second reading is BTA Parliament Bill No. 12 “An Act Adopting the Official Hymn of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM)”.Proponent MP Romeo Sema presented the hymn in its English, Filipino and Maguindanaon versions. He explained that the hymn speaks of the Bangsamoro struggle in asserting its right to self-determination. It is a song of hope for the future as a reminder of the blessedness of the region for all its rich natural resources, making it worthy to be called as the pearl of Mindanao. The bill was referred to the Committee on Rules to further consider the suggestions raised during the plenary. These include the suggestion of MP Baintan Adil Ampatuan to make it more gender-inclusive by having a female sing a portion of the hymn, while MP Basit Abbas believed it is best to have a version of the hymn in every dialect in the region.

Cabinet Bill No. 8 “An Act Adopting the Official Emblem for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao”, as certified as urgent by Interim Chief Minister Ahod Ebrahim, was passed into law after it has been affirmed by the plenary by roll-call voting.

The session was adjourned after the members of the following statutory committees were announced:

Committee on Health

  1. Chair: Dr. Shaffrullah Dipatuan
  2. Atty. Ubaida Pacasem
  3. Melanio Ulama
  4. Bai Maleiha Candao
  5. Suwaib Oranon
  6. Atty. Omar Sema
  7. Dr. Zul Qarneyn Abas
  8. Atty. Nabil Tan
  9. Narciso Ekey
  10. Bainon Karon
  11. Ali Salik
  12. Sahie Udjah
  13. Atty. Raissa Jajurie
  14. Said Shiek
  15. Atty. Suharto Ambolodto
  16. Engr. Baintan Ampatuan

Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Agrarian Reform

  1. Chair: Mohammad Yakob
  2. Alzad Sattar
  3. Muslimin Jakilan
  4. Malik Mantawil
  5. Mujib Abu
  6. Romeo Saliga
  7. Abdulwahab Pak
  8. Atty. Omar Sema
  9. Faiz Alauddin
  10. Dr. Saffrulla Dipatuan
  11. Nabila Pangandaman
  12. Muslima Asmawil
  13. Sultan Edrieza Rimbang
  14. Datu Midpantao Midtimbang
  15. Jamel Macaraya
  16. Amilbahar Mawallil
  17. Rasul Ismael

Committee on Social Services

  1. Chair: Atty. Raissa Jajurie
  2. Atty. Hamid Barra
  3. Susana Anayatin
  4. Atty. Anna Tarhata Basman
  5. Ali Solaiman
  6. Bainon Karon
  7. Sittie Shahara Mastura
  8. Atty. Maisara Damdamun-Latiph
  9. Abdulwahab Pak
  10. Bai Maleiha Candao
  11. Romeo Saliga
  12. Aida Silongan
  13. Nabila Pangandaman
  14. Muslima Asmawil
  15. Said Salendab
  16. Rasul Ismael
  17. Amilbahar Mawallil

Committee on Transportation and Communications

  1. Chair: Al-Syed Sali
  2. Romeo Sema
  3. Eddie Alih
  4. Faiz Alauddin
  5. Eduard Guerra
  6. Sultan Edrieza Rimbang
  7. Musa Diamla
  8. Dr. Zul Qarneyn Abas
  9. Nabila Pangandaman
  10. Abdulmuhmin Mujahid
  11. Bainon Karon
  12. Suwaib Oranon
  13. Abdullah Gayak
  14. Mohammad Bato
  15. Engr. Baintan Ampatuan
  16. Amilbahar Mawallil

Committee on Public Order and Safety

  1. Chair: Hussein Munoz
  2. Adbullah Macapaar
  3. Ibrahim Ali
  4. Malik Mantawil
  5. Bainon Karon
  6. Basit Abbas
  7. Zesar Alil
  8. Sultan Edrieza Rimbang
  9. Datu Midpantao Midtimbang
  10. H. Abduladzis M. Esmael
  11. Haron Abas
  12. Adzfar Usman
  13. Abraham Burahan
  14. Dr. Zul Qarneyn Abas
  15. Don Loong
  16. Atty. Suharto Ambolodto

Committee on Trade, Investment and Tourism

  1. Chair: Marjanie Macasalong
  2. Khadafeh Mangudadatu
  3. Muslimin Jakilan
  4. Susana Anayatin
  5. Atty. Anna Tarhata Basman
  6. Romeo Sema
  7. Atty. Maisara Damdamun-Latiph
  8. Abdullah Ahang
  9. Abraham Burahan
  10. Mussolini Lidasan
  11. Modayao Sacar
  12. Narciso Ekey
  13. Eduard Guerra
  14. Muslima Asmawil
  15. Adzfar Usman
  16. Engr. Baintan Ampatuan
  17. Amilbahar Mawallil