The Commission’s budget is a new addition to the Bangsamoro Expenditure Program, and amounts to P76.7-million. The BYC was established on April 14, 2020, with the passage of Bangsamoro Autonomy Act No. 10. 

In its first year of operation, BYC will focus on two major programs, namely its Youth Participation Development program with an allocation of P4.6-million and Youth Empowerment Program with P5.7-million. The former targets youth leadership development, transformative education, community development facilitation, and IEC reproduction and dissemination; while the latter is geared towards issue-based advocacy, youth reintegration plan, religious interventions. The Ten Active Bangsamoro Youth Organization (TABYO) is listed as an item under the youth empowerment program. 

The BYC’s leadership is expected in drafting the Bangsamoro Youth Transition Priority Agenda (BYTPA) 2020-2022, while providing support programs for the youth sector in response to the Covid-19. This is especially urgent given the region’s statistics on issues such concerning out-of-school youth, as well as victims of violence and abuse during the pandemic. 

This series of infographics is the tenth installment of the #BARMMBudgetWatch initiative of the Office of the Minority Floor Leader.