Essential to the success of the Bangsamoro government in the years following the period of transition is a genuine and inclusive political party system that ensures representation for various sectors that drive the Bangsamoro forward. Women should be at the forefront of forming political parties that will push for progressive programs and policies which, in turn, will address existing inequalities in the region.

Given the importance of women’s participation in government processes, Atty. Laisa Alamia will share her expertise with women civil society leaders through a training session that focuses on the political party system and the status of women participation within the Bangsamoro regional government. Her knowledge and experience through years of engagement both in civil society and the regional government can help those who are seeking to expand their participation in regional governance through different stages of party organizing and mobilization, which includes plans for the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2022.

The said training will be held on November 6 and will be facilitated by the Institute of Autonomy and Governance, with the support of the UK Government and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.