Violence against women (VAW) continues to persist due to deeply-rooted issues of gender discrimination and inequality in the country, despite being a grave violation of women’s rights. While laws that seek to protect the most vulnerable among us continue to be drafted and passed by legislators, there is still a pressing need to foster an understanding of laws that uphold women’s rights and to highlight the urgency of implementing these laws given the dangerous context in which women are fighting to survive.

In line with this, Minority Leader Atty.Laisa Masuhud Alamia will be discussing women’s rights and laws as she takes part in the 18-Day Campaign to End VAW, an annual advocacy campaign held from November 25 to December 12 led by the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW). It will be streamed online as part of an online Facebook series organized by the Ministry of Social Services and Development (MSSD), which consists of seven episodes highlighting different topics geared towards uplifting women and ending VAW. 

The series will be streamed on the Facebook pages of MSSD, United Voices of Peace Network (UVPN), and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on 04 December 2020.