The total proposed budget for MSS amounts to 3.3B, 63.3 percent higher than the previous year’s budget of 2B. The configuration aims to “provide a responsive approach to social welfare and development policies and programs for the poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged including especially during the existence of a crisis that affects their well-being and participation in the community affairs. 

By expense class, MOOE remains to have the biggest share of the budget at 84.12 percent followed by CO at 8.87 percent, which significantly increased from the previous year, and PS at 7.01 percent. 

  • The MSSD is the third office that has the largest MOOE allocation, which includes the following programs:
    • Emergency Relief Assistance (883.9M) to procure welfare goods for “needy individuals and families including IDPs.”
    • Bangsamoro Shelter Assistance (750M) for the supplies and materials needed for the provision of “decent shelter” for homeless and indigent families displaced by “man-made or natural disasters,” including former combatants. 
    • Financial Assistance to PWDs (198M) for PWDs subject to the program’s implementation plan and guidelines.
    • Transitory/Temporary Shelter (55M) for the provision of “transitory, temporary/emergency shelter for IDPs affected by man-made or natural disaster”

This series of infographics is the second installment of the #BARMMBugetWatch initiative of the Office of the Minority Floor Leader.